Proven Care Plans

Customizable Care Plans for better clinical outcomes.

HealthCall Care Plans serve as a guide for best practices for the care team and the patient—and lead to consistently superior patient outcomes.

For providers, Care Plans provide a detailed clinical workflow, directing who should do what, when, and with whom. For patients, Care Plans provide personalized tools and guidance to help them adopt better self-management skills and healthier lifestyles—and to avoid unnecessary ER and hospital visits.

At a Glance

HealthCall Care Plans

  • Choose from hundreds of proven care plans, modify as needed, or embed your own
  • Use over 3,000 available health assessment questions
  • Quickly and easily individualize each patient’s care plan—including questions, decision support tools, timing, and follow-up
  • Transparency and accountability direct post-discharge care: who should do what, when, with whom
  • Always know exactly where patients are in their plan of care
  • Trigger and schedule encounter management tools within care plans
  • Use patient goal tracking to account for what’s most important to patients and dramatically impact healing
  • Offer video education with AHA care plans

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