Automated Patient Response™

Automate excellent outcomes.

Our patented Automated Patient Response™ system automates routine patient interactions and assessments, significantly improving patient engagement with minimal impact on your staff. In the past 10 years, providers nationwide have used our APR™ system to serve more than 4 million patients—dramatically reducing readmissions rates along the way.

The APR system uses multiple modalities—telephone, email, and text—to contact patients, and allows them to respond in the manner most convenience to them. It’s also fully integrated—which means all interactions and attempted interactions are logged right in the system, in real time. And, it’s flexible: Use it to replenish supplies, measure patient satisfaction, send appointment reminders, verify insurance, and more.

How it works, in five simple steps.

  1. The patient is contacted at prescribed intervals—the patient can respond at a time most convenient for them.
  2. The patient is given a brief health assessment customized by the healthcare team. Questions are grouped by signs, symptoms, lifestyle, and adherence.
  3. Data is stored and analyzed by the HealthCall decision-support tools.
  4. Scores outside prescribed limits are identified for immediate intervention, and the appropriate individuals are notified.
  5. Healthcare professionals access HealthCall via a secure connection, and on a variety of devices. On the monitoring screen, patients with elevated risk are prioritized and flagged for easy identification. Clicking on the patient’s name reveals the complete status of the assessment. Reports are easily generated.

This high-touch, low-impact tool has proven transformative for healthcare providers across the country. See how it can transform the way your team delivers care. Request a demo today.

At a Glance

HealthCall APR™

  • Increase patient engagement with patented, proven automated patient response system
  • Get high-touch patient interactions with low impact on staff
  • Integrate APR™ fully with any HealthCall care plan [Link: Care Plans] and take advantage of extensive question bank in a variety of response types
  • Easily individualize assessment by patient as needed
  • Automatically schedule around weekends and holidays
  • Utilize multiple phone numbers, email, text, smart phones, and patient portal (MyHealthCall)
  • Use “intelligent outreach campaigns” to enhance patient experience and maximize response rates
  • Monitor large patient populations and manage by exception
  • Get flexible alerting via fully customizable notification tools

Let us show you HealthCall in action.