Patient Health Record

Track vital patient data—and more.

Not only does HealthCall integrate easily with major EHR systems—it also augments patient data tracking and storage, making it more patient-centered and caregiver-friendly.

Our Patient Health Record tool focuses on highly relevant healthcare information: the patient’s health history, insurance status, vital signs, medication management, equipment, and supplies. This way, at any point in the care journey, the caregiver team can easily see how the patient is doing—and the best course of action moving forward.

At a Glance

HealthCall Patient Health Record

  • Access patient history including diagnosis, family history, allergies, medication, and healthcare utilization
  • Track patient blood pressure, weight, and activity measures
  • Manage patient medication inventory and reconciliation
  • Track blood pressure cuffs, scales, and other medical devices
  • Manage supplies, equipment, and insurance status in real time

Let us show you HealthCall in action.