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HealthCall, LLC is a medical communications company and the first provider of Automated Patient Response™ solutions. Healthcare professionals throughout the US health care system use HealthCall solutions to enable the communication of more timely and relevant health information between healthcare professionals and patients. The improved clinical management and patient-centric approach results in increased patient involvement, healthier self-care behaviors, and higher quality outcomes. Automating clinical and administrative patient outreach workflows improves efficiency by eliminating non-value-added activities and enabling management-by-exception. The company's proven solutions materially impact the financial health of organizations by increasing revenues and reducing costs.

HealthCall is housed at the Purdue Technology Center in Crown Point, Indiana

Since 1987 the HealthCall name has stood for world-class service and quality. The company began providing technology innovation solutions in 1994, and today is the first provider of automated patient response™ solutions for use in disease management, wellness programs, medication management, general follow-up and administrative outreach.  HealthCall solutions are designed for use throughout healthcare including hospitals, physician groups, dialysis centers, heart failure clinics, home health organizations, contract research organizations, and durable medical equipment providers.

Sophisticated HealthCall technology automates routine interactions and complex workflows between patients, providers, and payers. HealthCall solutions incorporate multiple outreach modalities including voice, email, text messaging, web, facsimile, and physical letters (delivered via the United States Postal Service). The proven architecture provides scheduling, decision support tools, authentication, access encryption, standardized documentation, audit trails, and transaction management.

The HealthCall platform is accessed via a standard web browser and a secure Internet connection.  Additionally, direct integrations can be implemented with the client's electronic health records (EHR/EMR) and other information systems. The solution is HIPAA compliant and closely adheres to the FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11 relating to Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures.

Our mission is to provide the communication of more timely and relevant health information between healthcare professionals and patients, resulting in higher quality outcomes, healthier self-care behaviors, and improved financial efficacy.

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