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The United States healthcare system is rapidly evolving by moving away from fee-for-service to value-based models.  Value-based healthcare rewards quality patient outcomes and demands a patient-centric continuum of care. However, most hospital systems, physician groups and ancillary care providers lack the necessary tools to truly coordinate care across the continuum and attain the quality benchmarks now being mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and private payers.   

HealthCall-Pro is a robust cloud-based care coordination platform, and the foundation of the HealthCall solution suite.  These solutions have been proven in over a decade of use in empowering the management of high-risk populations with chronic diseases and complex care needs.  HealthCall-Pro is used by health systems, hospitals, hospice, specialty clinics and home health to more efficiently coordinate an ongoing continuity of care.

HealthCall clients consistently outperform the national benchmarks on readmission and adherence.  In fact, in an analysis of 1,920 patients within a readmission reduction program based upon HealthCall’s solution, 296 were readmitted within 30 days, resulting in a readmission rate of 15.42%, a 21.4% reduction compared to the national average of 19.6% (Figure 1).  These are real-world patients with multiple conditions and comorbidities.  Unlike control studies, there were no exclusion criteria.

Along with enabling care coordination among hospital providers, payers and ancillary care providers, HealthCall-Pro provides analytical tools to optimize care processes, improve clinical outcomes, individualize care plans and track ancillary care providers.

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How HealthCall-Pro™ Works

Developed by healthcare providers, for healthcare providers.

By understanding the root causes of readmissions and adverse patient outcomes, and working within the HealthCall-Pro system, HealthCall clients consistently achieve improved health outcomes, better care coordination, improved care effectiveness and population health, better quality, and improved operational efficiency.  HealthCall’s care coordination network capabilities promote improved results across the continuum of care.

At the onset, patients are assigned to a care plan within the HealthCall-Pro system based upon their primary diagnosis, such as a respiratory or heart health program.  Once assigned, providers can easily individualize the care plan based upon the patient’s specific needs, ensuring patient-centric care delivery.

The HealthCall care coordination platform helps coordinate a process of education, coaching, and signs and symptoms monitoring.  The Automated Patient Response™ (APR™) tools engage patients in the adoption of self-management skills, improve health literacy, and facilitate increased coordination on behalf of their provider.  Patient engagement is maximized without overextending provider resources.

Encounter management tools reinforce key disciplines by guiding providers through the process of successfully coaching patients, ensuring patient encounters happen on schedule and with focus.  Additionally, by having care specialists operate within HealthCall-Pro, patient encounters are fully documented.

Create Patient-Centric Care Networks

Extend your healthcare ecosystem

HealthCall-Pro maximizes the investment made by providers in existing electronic health records (EHR) systems by leveraging the patient information within them.  EHR systems operate inside the four walls of the health system and focus on documentation rather than coordination.

Analogous to financial balance sheets and income statements, EHRs provide important patient charting and billing insights.  Equally critical is the cash flow statement highlighting the flow of cash in and out of the business. In a similar light, HealthCall-Pro provides real-time measures of cross-continuum processes with inpatient, outpatient and home-based care.  Aligning multiple providers and extended third-party ancillary care providers provides an ability to monitor progress over time rather than taking periodic snapshots of patient conditions.

With the HealthCall-Pro platform, providers intuitively and securely create patient-centric care networks, connecting patients and providers within health systems with payers and cross-continuum partners such as hospitals, hospice, specialty clinics, home health, home medical equipment (HME) providers and emergency medical services (EMS).

By joining these centers of care, HealthCall-Pro positions the patient at the center of the treatment model, engages and coordinates care among all caregivers, and directly addresses the problems most affecting the patient. This flexible, team-based approach ensures accountability, transparency of information and reporting across the continuum.

Comprehensive Care Plans

Proven patient-centric care plans for many populations

HealthCall offers a comprehensive suite of care plans, each serving as a guide to following evidence-based care in the management of a health condition for both the health care team and the patient. HealthCall care plans are designed to be engaging, promote self- management and healthy living.

Along with drawing on evidence-based medical guidelines, HealthCall care plans incorporate key disciplines from published studies and leaders in behavioral health, nutrition, and clinical education. These elements provide a framework for defining patient-centric health information, creating health assessments, identifying outreach methods, and scripting patient encounters.

    PersonalTouch™ flexible care plans for managing care transitions and chronic disease management.
    ANSWERS™ wellness and preventative care management programs for promoting optimal health and reducing risk factors.
    American Heart Association care plans drive the industry gold standard in heart health and literacy.


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    Patient Engagement

    Intuitive patient engagement for optimal results

    HealthCall is the first provider of patented Automated Patient Response™ (APR™) solutions. Healthcare professionals throughout the US healthcare system use HealthCall APR solutions to enable the communication of more timely and relevant health information between healthcare professionals and patients.

    HealthCall provides extensive encounter management tools to help formalize patient engagement processes. Encounter check lists, interactive prompts and decision support tools guide providers, care specialist, and large care coordination teams during in-person and telephone encounters.  Working within the HealthCall platform promotes the use and mastery of best practices in patient engagement.

    Acting as an extension of your care team, sophisticated HealthCall APR™ technology automates routine interactions and complex workflows between patients, providers, and payers. HealthCall solutions incorporate multiple outreach modalities including voice, text messaging, email, web, smart phone access, and physical letters (delivered via the United States Postal Service). The patented architecture provides scheduling, decision support tools, authentication, access encryption, standardized documentation, audit trails, and reporting.

    The improved clinical management and patient-centric approach results in increased patient engagement, healthier self-care behaviors, and higher quality outcomes.

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