Patient-Centric Care Plans Proven in the Real World

HealthCall offers a comprehensive suite of care plans, each serving as a guide to following evidence-based care in the management of a health condition for both the health care team and the patient. HealthCall care plans are designed to be engaging, promote self- management and healthy living.

Readmission rates lowered with HealthCall.In a recent study, HealthCall was used to monitor weight and self-reported signs and symptoms. When weight and/or symptoms are outside of pre-set limits, the heart failure plan is readjusted. 282 patients diagnosed with HF were included in this analysis. 158 (86 male/71 female) were enrolled in the monitoring program, and 124 (71 male/53 female) patients received standard care from their physician. The mean age of both groups was between 74 and 75. Age, baseline ejection fraction, and baseline brain natriuretic peptide were not significantly different (p>0.10). Prescribed beta blocker and diuretic were also similar between the two groups (p>0.05). Patient monitoring resulted in a 72% (56.5% vs. 15.8%) reduction in readmission rates.Readmissions go down with HealthCall.

Another study involved 91 (53 male/38 female) high-risk heart failure patients, with an average age of 75. Readmission rates and length of stay were obtained from hospital records. Comparing the 12 months prior to enrollment in the program, patient monitored demonstrated a 77% reduction in hospital readmissions. Heart-failure-only readmissions were reduced by 72%, length of stay was reduced by 30%, resulting in a 64% reduction in patient days.

HealthCall Care Plans are widely utilized in production for management of hospital-to-home, chronic disease management, wellness and preventative care programs.  Providers across the continuum collaborate using these care plans for effective patient management.

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HealthCall Care Plans

HealthCall Care Plans reinforce key disciplines and provide tools for improving overall patient health literacy.
Health coaching and patient engagement reinforce partnerships with patients and encourage improved self behavior.
HealthCall Care Plans focus on behavioral health and empowering patients on a path to improved quality of life and risk reduction through better self-health behaviors.


Hospital-to-Home and Disease Management Care Plans

HealthCall PersonalTouch™ Care Plans draw on evidence-based guidelines and key disciplines in chronic disease management and hospital-to-home care transitions programs. HealthCall clients use these flexible programs to reduce readmission rates and improve patient outcomes.

HealthCall 30-Day All-Cause Readmission RatesUsing PersonalTouch™ care plans, HealthCall clients consistently outperform the national benchmarks on readmission and adherence.  In fact, in an analysis of 1,920 patients within a readmission reduction program based upon HealthCall’s solution, 296 were readmitted within 30 days, resulting in a readmission rate of 15.42%, a 21.4% reduction compared to the national average of 19.6% (Figure 1).  These are real-world patients with multiple conditions and comorbidities.  Unlike control studies, there were no exclusion criteria.


  • Heart Failure
  • Heart Attack (AMI)
  • Pneumonia
  • COPD
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Renal Failure
  • High-Risk Pregnancy
  • Ventricular Assist Device
  • Many More…


Wellness and Preventative Care Programs

HealthCall ANSWERS™ Care Plans provide framework for effective wellness and preventative care management programs, drawing from evidence-based guidelines in effective patient engagement for improving quality of life and reducing the likelihood of adverse clinical outcomes.  These care plans for use in population health management and wellness programs for lowering the overall cost of care across large populations of individuals.

  • Wellness
  • Weight Loss
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Optimal Health
  • Healthy Pregnancy
  • Many More…



American Heart Association Connected Heart Health™

American Heart Association Care Plans

The American Heart Association has partnered with HealthCall, endorsing HealthCall-Pro as a tool for providing the AHA’s proven care plans to our clients.

Connected Heart Health™ is the American Heart Association’s new initiative to team up with HealthCall to deliver patient-centered care beyond the clinic.  By collaborating, the American Heart Association strives to move it’s trusted information squarely into the lives of today’s health care consumers.  The initiative is designed to leverage HealthCall’s capabilities in patient engagement to deliver a better quality of care, fewer hospital readmissions, reduced provider costs, and healthier lives.

At the center of this initiative are the American Heart Association CarePlans.  These plans were developed by leaders in preventative cardiology, nutrition and behavioral sciences, and are targeted for use by Accountable Care Organizations and hospitals.  They offer providers with a method of extending evidence-based care while giving patients personalized tools and guidance to help them adopt better self-management skills and a healthier lifestyle.

AHA CarePlans focus on post-acute and preventative care in several key areas, including heart failure, coronary artery disease, cardiac rehabilitation, atrial fibrillation, stroke rehabilitation, hypertension and diabetes.

Learn more about the HealthCall and American Heart Association partnership.

    Connected Heart Health
    AHA Sheet

    • Heart Failure
    • Coronary Artery Disease
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation
    • Atrial Fibrillation
    • Stroke Rehabilitation
    • Hypertension
    • Diabetes