Advancing HME by Meeting Today’s Needs

Leading home medical equipment companies are growing at an unprecedented rate, with the aging baby boomer generation and healthcare reform programs dramatically increasing the demand for home-based patient care.  This is happening while reimbursement rates are on the decline, and expectations of compliance and clinical tracking are increasing.  Now more than ever, HMEs are pressured to do more with less.

HMEs often suffer from an inability to differentiate their value from the competition in the eyes of referral sources.  Others are challenged with constrained resources, limiting ability to grow and gain economies of scale.  Many are struggling to do more with less in an era of declining reimbursement.  HealthCall’s intuitive platform, clinical expertise, and years of experience have allowed us to help leading HMEs make the leap from supplier to provider.

HealthCall-HME is a disease management platform that enables efficient and effective communication with large patient populations.  HealthCall-HME users get the most out of their staff while ensuring clinical communications are executed and documented, all while accessing industry-leading objective outcomes data.  PersonalTouch-HME™ patient-centric care plans empower HMEs highest level of patient care and competitive differentiation, driven by clinical innovation, objective benchmarks, and best practices.

HealthCall-HME™ Solutions


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HealthCall-HME is the industry’s only clinical platform, driving patient engagement across all HME populations.
HME’s only clinical platform has proven across multiple HMEs and a large cross section of patient to lower hospital readmissions and improve clinical outcomes.
Leverage objective patient outcomes data with top-quality reports that resonate with the needs of key referral sources.
HealthCall-HME empowers maximum staff efficiency while ensuring consistent execution of all clinical communication.
HME’s only clinical platform operates within the HealthCall care collaboration network, empowering providers across the continuum to effectively manage patients as a team.
Automatically document all patient encounters, ensuring preparation for audits, accreditation site visits, and rapid response to referral source requests.


HME’s Only Disease Management Platform.

HealthCall provides HME’s only disease management platform.  As the industry evolves and providers are increasingly expected to do more with less, HealthCall-HME is designed specifically to empower you to thrive.  HealthCall-HME™ provides HMEs with the tools to manage communication and documentation for all patient populations, ensuring consistent and quality execution of hospital-to-home care transitions, chronic disease management, patient maintenance, supply replenishment, patient satisfaction, and even custom outreach programs.

Leading HMEs use the HealthCall-HME platform to:

  • Provide patient-centric care
  • Operate on a single clinical platform
  • Manage all clinical documentation
  • Ensure consistent quality and execution
  • Ramp up new staff quickly
  • Strengthen teams
  • Manage more patients more effectively
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Hospital-to-Home and Disease Management Care Plans for HMEs.

Healthcare is evolving, and hospitals and physicians are pressured more now than ever to achieve improved patient outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions.  Competitive differentiation is key to growth in today’s market, and leading HMEs are capitalizing on the expertise and experience of HealthCall by utilizing PersonalTouch-HME™ Care Plans.  These turnkey solutions ensure the right care is delivered at the right time, every time.

PersonalTouch™ is a comprehensive suite of care plans configured specifically to meet the needs of quality HME providers.  HealthCall provides flexible, patient-centric care plans for COPD, heart failure, non-invasive ventilation, obstructive sleep apnea, and more.  These proven care plans provide the framework for successful collaboration with key referral sources, and are founded on evidence-based best practices in care transitions and disease management.

PersonalTouch-HME™ users execute consistent care a the highest level, empowered by:

  • Operation on HealthCall-HME™ platform
  • Quality benchmarks for objectively differentiating to referral sources
  • Automated health assessments for maximizing efficiency
  • Marketing materials for referral sources
  • Patient education materials improving patient health literacy
  • Engaging referral sources through HealthCall’s collaboration network
  • Patient-centered care delivery using flexible care plans
  • Coach training by certified nurse educators

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Flexible Supply Replenishment for All HME Patient Populations.

Maximizing patient supply replenishment is not only key to ensuring patients are receiving optimal care, but also key to HME’s bottom line.  HealthCall-SR™ goes beyond the call by contacting patients via multiple phone numbers, email, web, postal mail, and alternate contacts.  Patients reply in a manner most convenient to them.  The bilingual automated patient response system acts as an extension of care team members, intuitively guiding the patient through the quick process of compliance and supply replenishment.  Providing a comfortable care experience encourages patient adherence, reduces errors, and maximizes fill rates.

HealthCall-SR™ clients achieve optimal results thanks to:

  • Replenishment of a broad range of supplies
  • Multiple outreach modalities
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Integration and data migration
  • Large population management
  • Comprehensive reporting

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Advanced Patient Satisfaction Surveys Created by HMEs, for HMEs.

LoyaltyScore™ is a proven method of measuring patient satisfaction without requiring staff involvement.  With LoyaltyScore™, HMEs can manage day-to-day decisions with objective measures.  Change is constant in healthcare.  Some changes are small, while others have significant impact on the patient’s experience.  Through LoyaltyScore™, HME providers improve that patient experience, identify business-improvement opportunities, and reduce staff workload with one cost-effective solution.

LoyaltyScore-HME™ clients have happy patients as a result of:

  • Real-time feedback
  • Continuous patient monitoring
  • Customized benchmarking
  • Complete automation
  • Greater accuracy
  • Faster results

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Why Choose HealthCall

  • Patented and proven technology empowering leading providers
  • World-class customer service  and dedication to the success of our clients
  • Clinical expertise specializes in maximizing patient care
  • A track record demonstrating excellence for more than a decade

What Clients Say

[HealthCall] allows us to prioritize our care and our follow-up.  Our respiratory therapists are able to prioritize their work based on the task manager when we walk in everyday.

Tammy, Advacare

[HealthCall is] a tool for everyone who is involved in caring for this person, to make sure that their level of independence and how healthy they are is kept at the highest level possible for as long as possible.

Cissi, Home Med-Equip

HealthCall found a way to show clinical value: a service that helps promote our company and at a very cost saving model, compared to what others were doing.

Stephen, CornerStone