A Patient-Centric Approach to Population Health Management

Healthcare in the United States is evolving.  A growing elderly population and escalating federal health expenditures are driving a transformation from traditional fee-for-service reimbursement models to a myriad of population-focused value-based purchasing models.  Physicians, health systems, hospitals, and ancillary care providers are revising their way of delivering healthcare, and placing greater emphasis on cross-continuum collaboration, patient-centric care delivery, and population health management.

Though population health management is far from a new concept, incentives are now aligned with its execution.  The practice of big-data analytics, patient risk stratification, wellness and preventative care, and chronic disease management are now more important than ever.  By placing emphasis on wellness and preventative care, successful population health management programs place the physician in the center of care networks that reduce the overall cost of care over large populations.

HealthCall-360™ is a comprehensive population health management solution built on a proven clinical management platform that has been refined over decade of successful patient health monitoring.  HealthCall incorporates patented, individualized patient engagement innovations proven to foster adherence, health literacy and self-care.  Flexible care plans ensure a patient-centric approach while drawing on evidence-based best practices in population heath management.  This comprehensive solution empowers rapid implementation and execution of robust population health management strategies across large provider networks.

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Identifying Care Opportunities

Risk Stratification through Big-Data Aggregation and Analytics

HealthCall-360™ starts with a process of identifying appropriate patients for individualized population health care plans.  The chief aim of this first process segment is to aggregate available data sources looking for meaningful patterns and identifying care opportunities.  Combining data from EHR, HIS, eRx, PHR, PMS, Lab, and HRA allows for analytics of a comprehensive data set, leading to identification and stratification of high-risk patients.

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On-Boarding Patients & Care Coordination

Align Patients with Appropriate Care Plans and Coordination

Care coordination teams enroll at-risk patients.  HealthCall provides coach training to help equip your care coordination team(s) to overcome the challenges of improving adherence in population health management.  Encounter management call center tools intuitively guide your Care Specialists through the process of successfully coaching patients, ensuring key disciplines are reinforced.

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Individualizing Patient-Centric Care

Patient-Centric Care Provides an Exceptional Patient Experience and Fosters Loyalty

HealthCall-360 ‘Clinical Engineering’ process empowers physicians to direct the care of their patients across care teams. During office visits physicians and their staff can quickly individualize assigned care plans to meet the unique and changing needs of their patients.

Chronic Care, Wellness, Preventative Care, and Administrative Outreach plans ensure all patients are engaged appropriately, while individualization of these care plans meets the unique needs of each patient.  Measuring each patient to goals and the ongoing monitoring of risk allow for management by exception.

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Extending the Healthcare Ecosystem

Align Initiatives Across the Continuum

By joining the centers of care together, HealthCall-360™ positions the patient at the center of the treatment model, engages and coordinates care among all caregivers, and directly addresses the problems most affecting the patient. This flexible, team-based approach ensures accountability, transparency, and reporting across the continuum.

Within the HealthCall-360™ platform, providers can intuitively and securely create patient-centric care networks connecting patients and providers within health systems, hospitals, hospice, specialty clinics, home health providers, home medical equipment (HME) providers, emergency medical services (EMS) and payers.

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Building a Circle of Influence

Coordinate Care Centered Around the Patient

HealthCall-360™ empowers a team approach to engaging with patients and providers across the continuum of care.  Aligning and maximizing care efforts centered around the patient fosters a circle of influence resulting in increased adherence, healthier self-care behaviors, along with predictable and repeatable quality outcomes.

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MyHealthCall Patient Portal

MyHealthCall is a Fully Integrated and Intuitive Patient Portal

MyHealthCall patient portal is fully integrated and intuitive for both patients and providers. Along with accessing their general information, patients can easily answer their health assessments. The HealthCall system then monitors each patient’s clinical and behavioral progress in realtime, alerting appropriate care team members when responses are outside of prescribed limits.

The MyHealthCall portal can be further customize to support medication tracking, supply management, biomedical device integration, insurance information, patient goal setting and much more.

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Proven Patient Engagement

Patented Patient Engagement for Optimal Population Health

Patented and proven in over 10 years in healthcare, HealthCall Automated Patient Response (APR™) engagement solutions extend the reach of your care teams providing more proactive care while reducing staff labor and maximizing efficiency.

HealthCall-360™ patient engagement techniques have empowered providers to touch more than 3,000,000 lives.  The use of HealthCall Automated Patient Response (APR™) solutions have shown to help increase patient engagement and adherence while reducing readmissions and length of stay.

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Comprehensive Care Plans

Full Suite of Flexible, Patient-Centric Care Plans

HealthCall offers a comprehensive suite of care plans, each serving as a guide to following evidence-based care in the management of a health condition for both the health care team and the patient. HealthCall care plans are designed to be engaging, promote self- management and healthy living.

Along with drawing on evidence-based medical guidelines, HealthCall care plans incorporate key disciplines from published studies and leaders in behavioral health, nutrition, and clinical education. These elements provide a framework for defining patient-centric health information, creating health assessments, identifying outreach methods, and scripting patient encounters.

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    ANSWERS™ wellness and preventative care management programs for promoting optimal health and reducing risk factors.  This comprehensive suite of care plans reinforces health literacy and encourages better self-health behaviors for at-risk individuals, key objectives in reducing the overall cost of care.
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