EMS & Paramedics

Improve outcomes. Increase impact.

HealthCall is specifically designed for post-hospital chronic and high-risk care. Unlike other products which are based on an episode of care, HealthCall is built on a patient-centric data model. By relating all of the data directly to the patient, paramedics can proactively identify critical changes in key signs and symptoms. Along with trending of patient data over time, the HealthCall data model also enables paramedics to quickly individualize standardized care plans for a superior patient experience.

HealthCall is the only integrated care coordination platform patented and proven to consistently reduce readmission rates, shorten length of stay, improve adherence, and increase patient satisfaction. In studies of nearly 8,000 patients, HealthCall consistently outperforms the national readmission average, 20.2% versus HealthCall 9.7%.

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Community Impact

You’re already essential to your community’s emergency needs. With HealthCall, you can become essential to its well-being. HealthCall’s tools will help your team serve more people more efficiently, making you an indispensable resource to both patients and provider partners.

Reduce Repeat Call Volume

Paramedics are on the front lines with patients every single day. HealthCall can help you capitalize on that position, giving you the tools to identify repeat ER patients and direct them to alternative care services better suited to their needs.

Financially Advantageous

By extending your mission and becoming a mobile-integrated health partner, you’ll lower expenditures for the health system or hospital, and increase revenue for your own operation.