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How It Works

Many features. One goal.

HealthCall is a patented, cloud-based care coordination and patient engagement platform enabling care professionals to more easily work together to deliver smarter care, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

HealthCall Interactive Dashboard

Interactive dashboard connects data and patients in realtime–your way.

HealthCall interactive dashboards provide important insights and near real-time information, helping managers and care team members make better decisions about patient care. Easily customize the dashboard for monitoring a variety of quantitative and qualitative measures, along with personalized colors, labels, date ranges, and views.

Interact directly with the visual dashboard by simply clicking on the graphs, drilling-down to access multi-layered data and related patients instantly. This increased reliance on analytics takes the guesswork out of day-to-day operations that lead to quality outcomes ensuring a greater return on investment.


HealthCall Interactive Dashboard

  • Click on graphs to drill-down to view related patients and supporting information.
  • Create your own dashboard, easily move, add and delete graphs, change colors, labels, date ranges, and more.
  • Monitor daily activities, best practices in realtime to ensure quality outcomes.
  • Clone multiple graphs to visually compare trends and outliers.
  • Track progress by location, program, population, etc.
  • Build-to-order custom dashboard widgets available.

Encounter Management

Intuitive charting and assessments. Superior outcomes.

HealthCall’s Encounter Management tools streamline individual patient assessments while optimizing overall caregiver staff and resource allocation.

By providing real-time patient-response analysis and decision support, these tools improve the efficacy of patient encounters. Additionally, they allow for the monitoring and management of large, geographically dispersed care teams. This creates enhanced caregiver confidence, higher staff productivity, improved clinical outcomes, and healthier, happier patients.


HealthCall Encounter Management

  • Use the dialogue prompter during patient encounters to reinforce continuity across staff—and to train and guide new staff.
  • Take advantage of more than 3,000 health assessment questions of all types—yes/no, multiple choice, scale and range, fill-in-the-blank—to guide care
  • Track team members’ activities and locations in real time—and improve operational efficiency—with powerful team coordination tools.
  • Analyze patient responses with the help of customizable decision support tools that flag patient responses outside of prescribed limits
  • Take advantage of full support for narrative notes
  • Record live staff conversation in full audio with metadata—perfect for training and audit reviews
  • Quickly record actions using action tab tracking—nature of patient contact, referral suggestions, recommendations, etc.
  • Use summaries for end-customer reporting, billing, and statistical analysis

Proven Care Plans

One Platform. Unlimited Programs.

Build on a nationwide network of outcome-proven, customizable Care Programs. Like running apps on a smart phone, the HealthCall platform supports an unlimited number of clinical and administrative programs.

HealthCall offers a comprehensive suite of Care Plans, each serving as a guide to following best practices in the care and management of a health condition for both the care team and the patient. Through a system of education, coaching, and monitoring of signs and symptoms, HealthCall Care Plans engage patients, promote self-management and healthy living, and facilitate increased collaboration on behalf of the care team and providers.

Care team members with appropriate access have the option to quickly and easily individualized Care Plans to meet unique patient needs. For example providers can add assessment questions, add baseline measures, adjust decision support tools, change outreach schedules and set communication preferences.

Care Programs are highly flexible and can consist of in-home encounters, phone encounters, as well as automated health assessments. Scheduling, encounter management, automated assessments, and device-based remote care monitoring are seamlessly integrated within Care Plans.

This improved clinical management and patient-centric approach consistently demonstrates increased patient engagement, healthier self-care behaviors, and higher quality outcomes.

HealthCall Care Plans

  • Choose from a diverse array of proven Care Programs, modify as needed, or embed your own
  • Customize programs using our library of over 3,000 health assessment questions
  • Quickly and easily individualize each patient’s plan of care—including questions, decision support tools, timing, and follow-up
  • Transparency and accountability direct post-discharge care: who should do what, when, with whom
  • Patient education and self-management guides are integrated within post-discharge Care Plans. Corresponding Teaching Plans and Teach Back Questions guide care team members in coaching patients.
  • Always know exactly where patients are in their plan of care
  • Trigger and schedule encounter management tools within care plans
  • Use patient goal tracking to account for what’s most important to patients and dramatically impact healing
  • Offer video education with AHA care plans

Remote Patient Monitoring

Automating Proactive Care

Our patented Automated Patient Response™ (APR™) system automates routine patient interactions and assessments, significantly improving patient engagement with minimal impact on your staff.

Continually advanced over 15 years and millions of patient, HealthCall conducts thousands of interactive APR assessments daily, providing more proactively care for larger populations in less time.

This system intelligently uses a series of modalities—telephone, email, and text—to contact patients, and allows them to respond in the manner most convenience to them. A full complement of Bluetooth-enabled devices are supported, including weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximetry, and activity trackers. It’s also fully integrated—which means all modalities are linked and easily individualized to provide a superior patient experience. And, it’s flexible: in addition to managing chronic disease, use the APR™ system to replenish supplies, measure patient satisfaction, send appointment reminders, verify insurance, and more.

How it works, in five simple steps.

  1. The patient is contacted at prescribed intervals within their care plan—the patient can respond in a manner most convenient for them.
  2. The patient answers a brief health assessment individualized by the healthcare team. Questions relate to key signs, symptoms, lifestyle, and adherence.
  3. Data is stored and analyzed by the HealthCall decision-support tools.
  4. Scores outside prescribed limits are identified for immediate intervention, and the appropriate individuals are notified.
  5. Healthcare professionals access HealthCall via a secure connection, and alerted on a variety of devices. On the monitoring screen, patients with elevated risk are prioritized and flagged for easy identification. Clicking on the patient’s name reveals the complete status of the assessment. Reports are easily generated.

This high-touch, low-impact tool has proven transformative for healthcare providers across the country. See how it can transform the way your team delivers care.

HealthCall APR™

  • Increase patient engagement with patented, proven automated patient response system
  • Get high-touch patient interactions with low impact on staff
  • Integrate APR™ fully with any HealthCall care plan and take advantage of extensive question bank in a variety of response types
  • Easily individualize assessment by patient as needed
  • Automatically schedule around weekends and holidays
  • Utilize multiple phone numbers, email, text, smart phones, and patient portal (MyHealthCall)
  • Use “intelligent outreach campaigns” to enhance patient experience and maximize response rates
  • Monitor large patient populations and manage by exception
  • Get flexible alerting via customizable notification tools
  • Seamlessly integrate Bluetooth Biometric devices such as scales, blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximetry, and activity trackers

Care Team Networks

A true team-oriented approach to care.

Like you, the HealthCall Care Network is about helping people get better, faster, and more cost-efficient care.

Break down the barriers that have traditionally separated communities with powerful Care Team Networks that members can access from any desktop or mobile device. Quickly and securely connect providers, specialists, charitable organizations, community resources, non-profits, and government agencies into patient-specific care teams.

Care teams provide individualize care specific to each patient’s needs, safely and securely communicate with their members, and easily share information getting people the help they need.

Instantly monitor the progress of referrals and track outcomes.

  1. Hospital enrolls patient in post-discharge care program via HealthCall
  2. HealthCall alerts care team members to needed care
  3. Hospital receives real-time encounter and outcome reports
  4. Patient receives better care!

Connected Care Coordination

Disparate systems, inefficient processes, and bureaucratic red tape along with privacy and security concerns can create roadblocks to better care. Working together in a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based environment, the HealthCall Care Network ensures that only those users with a vested interest can view relevant and legally permissible information.

In real-time assessments are scheduled, action items are assigned, and reports are shared. The entire care team is connected and engaged — this enhances accountability, ensures transparency, and ultimately delivers a higher level of patient care.

Need to schedule transportation, arrange a meal, or delivery of medical equipment for your patient? Now you can, quickly and securely.

The Care Network is one of the many ways HealthCall helps dramatically improve the lives of the individuals you serve while greatly decreasing the costs to the community.

HealthCall APR™

  • Increase patient engagement with patented, proven automated patient response system
  • Get high-touch patient interactions with low impact on staff
  • Integrate APR™ fully with any HealthCall care plan and take advantage of extensive question bank in a variety of response types
  • Easily individualize assessment by patient as needed
  • Automatically schedule around weekends and holidays
  • Utilize multiple phone numbers, email, text, smart phones, and patient portal (MyHealthCall)
  • Use “intelligent outreach campaigns” to enhance patient experience and maximize response rates
  • Monitor large patient populations and manage by exception
  • Get flexible alerting via customizable notification tools
  • Seamlessly integrate Bluetooth Biometric devices such as scales, blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximetry, and activity trackers

Integrated Scheduling

Orchestrate and optimize schedules in one convenient place.

Schedule patient encounters, manage team productivity, and discover new efficiencies with the HealthCall Integrated Scheduling tool.

Managing large care teams—and the patients they serve—is a complicated task. HealthCall brings it together in one place, allowing you to easily link patients and care team members and identify opportunities to optimize resources. It’s a win-win for care teams and patients.

HealthCall Integrated Scheduling

  • Schedule patient encounters directly within HealthCall
  • Easily link patient and care team members
  • Optimize schedules for large care teams
  • Easily revise, edit, and update patient encounters

Wellness Screening


Preventing COVID-19 Infection.

Automate proactive screening of frontline workers for key signs and symptoms to reduce contagion, promote wellbeing, and mitigate liability.

Daily monitoring helps identify those at risk, reducing the likelihood of infecting others. People with COVID-19 symptoms, for example, can then be remotely monitored via the HealthCall telehealth platform during their recovery and quarantine period.

Accessible via all popular smartphones, the patented HealthCall Automated Patient Response (APR™) system enables a highly scalable process to screen and monitor large workforces across multiple shifts and locations.

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Patient Health Record

Track vital patient data—and more.

An intuitive electronic health record can be the key to success for efficient and effective patient care. HealthCall EHR functions are fully integrated with HealthCall remote care, APR health assessments, encounter management, and automated resupply.

Our Patient Health Record focuses on highly relevant clinical care.

  • Medication tracking with annotated history (complete National Drug Code directory)
  • Document management of most common file types
  • Insurance record with real-time verification
  • Medical history record (Allergies, Barriers to Care, Contraindications, Family History, Primary Diagnosis, etc.)
  • Admission tracking (ICD-10)
  • Patient goal setting and tracking
  • Medical device management
  • Treatment and therapy supply management
  • Care team member listing and network
  • Comprehensive narrative note tagging and filtering

HealthCall integrates easily with major EHR systems enabling the near-realtime exchange of discrete data elements.

HealthCall Patient Health Record

  • Access patient history including diagnosis, family history, allergies, medication, and healthcare utilization
  • Track patient blood pressure, weight, and activity measures
  • Manage patient medication inventory and reconciliation
  • Track blood pressure cuffs, scales, and other medical devices
  • Manage supplies, equipment, and insurance status in real time

HealthCall Live

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Post-discharge, population health, transitional care, chronic care management, surveys, and scheduling.

HealthCall brings together the patented and proven HealthCall platform with our Care Specialists who provide a personal touch when calling your patients.

Our experienced Care Specialists work as an extension of your care team helping you more effectively manage post-discharge calls and patient communications.

  • Clinical relationship management training
  • Five years minimum experience
  • Administrative and clinical expertise
  • 100% On-shore, neutral dialect
  • Client-directed dialog and protocols

Custom Programs
Whether you are looking for help following up with patients post-discharge or managing patients with chronic disease, we will with you to design custom programs based upon your needs and workflows.

Realtime Call Center Management
Monitor the progress of your live calls in realtime via the HealthCall cloud-based platform on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The dashboard is fully interactive; click on any data point to view underlying metrics and related patients. You can easily track progress by program, group, day, week, month, etc.

  • Monitor all call center activities in real-time
  • Listen to full audio of patient encounters
  • Access operations on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Personalize your alerts and notifications
  • Track daily metrics and outcomes via the interactive dashboard

Encounter Management
HealthCall Encounter Management tools guide our Care Specialists in following best practices ensuring the quality outcomes you expect. These tools employ dialog prompters, decision support tools, flexible data entry forms, narration capture, and action items, which all work together to enable a higher level of quality care.

Our experienced and knowledgeable Care Specialists deliver seamless solutions for clinical and administrative calls. See how we can transform the way your team delivers care.

HealthCall Live™

  • Live calling by Care Specialists experienced in administrative and clinical workflows
  • Care Specialists trained in clinical relationship management (establishing rapport, building relationships, empowering patient self-care, etc.)
  • Professional tools that foster quality outcomes
  • Proven Care Plans and thousands of assessment questions
  • Robust cloud-based platform and realtime interactive dashboard
  • Automated assessments and reminders via HealthCall APR™ (phone, text, email, and US Mail)
  • Custom programs designed for your needs and workflows

Report Generator

Make data meaningful with powerful reports.

HealthCall tracks a wealth of patient data—and it makes it easy for care team members to transform that data into clear, actionable reports.

Our Report Generator’s powerful and flexible interface allows your team to run reports on a variety of outcome measures, including readmission, length of stay, adherence, and more. It can also help identify trends in key performance indicators that lead to more effective care—and, ultimately, increased patient satisfaction.

HealthCall Report Generator

  • Create robust monthly reports showing data, trends, and more
  • Output readmission, emergency department, and observations unit data
  • Share data on patient length-of-stay, adherence, wellbeing, and satisfaction
  • Create detailed productivity reports and KPI reports on demand

Integration Solutions

Built for easy integration.

HealthCall’s custom application program interfaces make it easy to integrate with other healthcare systems and applications. We’ve implemented hundreds of integrations over the years, including everything from simple flat-file exchanges to HL7 and real-time data exchanges.

In every case, our goal is to make HealthCall conform to the user’s system and operations—not the other way around. We’ll work directly with your IT and clinical teams to gain a clear understanding of your needs, limitations, and opportunities. Then we’ll create a seamless integration solution that makes HealthCall a welcome addition to your existing system.

HealthCall Integration Solutions

  • Perform multitudes of integrations, from simple flat file exchanges to HL7 to real-time APIs
  • Interface with virtually any EHR system and implementation
  • Let HealthCall create an approach that works for your clinical and IT teams
  • Import and export discrete data elements, custom data fields, and custom data sets as needed
  • Perform off-network, asynchronous data import and verification

Support and Services

Comprehensive support that puts your needs first.

HealthCall’s support and services are another way we set ourselves apart from the competition.

Our experts will work with you and your organization to make sure your HealthCall system is up and running as quickly as possible—usually within just four to six weeks. Our online tutorials, care specialist webinar trainings, and HealthCall-U make the implementation process easy and seamless. And long after implementation, we’ll still be standing by with a dedicated, U.S.-based support team.

HealthCall Support and Services

  • Enjoy a comprehensive, clinically driven implementation process that puts the needs of the patients—as well as your operational needs—first.
  • Get clinical and technical support from U.S.-based healthcare professionals with more than a decade of experience in care coordination and communications
  • Launch your HealthCall system in an average of four to six weeks
  • Enjoy all the benefits of our comprehensive HealthCall-U
  • Get the most out of the platform with online tutorials
  • Train your care specialists right with our special webinars

Let us show you HealthCall in action.

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