Proven Care Plans

Customizable Care Plans for better clinical outcomes.

The HealthCall proprietary platform enables post-hospital and high-risk care programs to manage their patients in a collaborative, clinically driven process.

HealthCall offers a comprehensive suite of Care Plans, each serving as a guide to following best practices in the care and management of a health condition for both the care team and the patient. Through a system of education, coaching, and monitoring of signs and symptoms, HealthCall Care Plans engage patients, promote self-management and healthy living, and facilitate increased collaboration on behalf of the care team and providers.

Once in production, providers and paramedics with appropriate access have the option to quickly and easily individualized Care Plans to meet unique patient needs. For example providers can add assessment questions, add baseline measures, adjust decision support tools, change outreach schedules and set communication preferences.

All elements of Care Plans are highly flexible and can consist of in-home encounters, phone encounters, as well as automated health assessments. Scheduling, encounter management, automated assessments, and device-based remote care monitoring are seamlessly integrated within Care Plans.

This improved clinical management and patient-centric approach consistently results in increased patient engagement, healthier self-care behaviors, and higher quality outcomes.  Download the Care Plans product sheet.   

At a Glance

HealthCall Care Plans

  • Choose from hundreds of proven plans of care, modify as needed, or embed your own
  • Use over 3,000 available health assessment questions
  • Quickly and easily individualize each patient’s plan of care—including questions, decision support tools, timing, and follow-up
  • Transparency and accountability direct post-discharge care: who should do what, when, with whom
  • Patient education and self-management guides are integrated within post-discharge Care Plans. Corresponding Teaching Plans and Teach Back Questions guide care team members in coaching patients.
  • Always know exactly where patients are in their plan of care
  • Trigger and schedule encounter management tools within care plans
  • Use patient goal tracking to account for what’s most important to patients and dramatically impact healing
  • Offer video education with AHA care plans

Let us show you HealthCall in action.