Care Team Networks

A true team-oriented approach to care.

Like you, the HealthCall Care Network is about helping people get better, faster, and more cost-efficient care.

Break down the barriers that have traditionally separated communities with powerful Care Team Networks that members can access from any desktop or mobile device. Quickly and securely connect providers, specialists, charitable organizations, community resources, non-profits, and government agencies into patient-specific care teams.

Care teams provide individualize care specific to each patient’s needs, safely and securely communicate with their members, and easily share information getting people the help they need.

Instantly monitor the progress of referrals and track outcomes.

  1. Hospital enrolls patient in post-discharge care program via HealthCall
  2. HealthCall alerts care team members to needed care
  3. Hospital receives real-time encounter and outcome reports
  4. Patient receives better care!

Connected Care Coordination

Disparate systems, inefficient processes, and bureaucratic red tape along with privacy and security concerns can create roadblocks to better care. Working together in a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based environment, the HealthCall Care Network ensures that only those users with a vested interest can view relevant and legally permissible information.

In real-time assessments are scheduled, action items are assigned, and reports are shared. The entire care team is connected and engaged — this enhances accountability, ensures transparency, and ultimately delivers a higher level of patient care.

Need to schedule transportation, arrange a meal, or delivery of medical equipment for your patient?  Now you can, quickly and securely.

The Care Network is one of the many ways HealthCall helps dramatically improve the lives of the individuals you serve while greatly decreasing the costs to the community.

At a Glance

HealthCall Care Team Network

  • Easily and quickly create secure patient-centric care teams
  • Invite members to the care team quickly and securely
  • Select which patients and content to share
  • Grant read-only access at no additional charge
  • Offer care-team-based reporting
  • Revoke sharing at any time

Let us show you HealthCall in action.