Encounter Management

Intuitive charting and assessments.
Superior outcomes.

HealthCall’s Encounter Management tools streamline individual patient assessments while optimizing overall caregiver staff and resource allocation.

By providing real-time patient-response analysis and decision support, these tools improve the efficacy of patient encounters. Additionally, they allow for the monitoring and management of large, geographically dispersed care teams. This creates enhanced caregiver confidence, higher staff productivity, improved clinical outcomes, and healthier, happier patients.

At a Glance

HealthCall Encounter Management

  • Use the dialogue prompter during patient encounters to reinforce continuity across staff—and to train and guide new staff.
  • Take advantage of more than 3,000 health assessment questions of all types—yes/no, multiple choice, scale and range, fill-in-the-blank—to guide care
  • Track team members’ activities and locations in real time—and improve operational efficiency—with powerful team coordination tools.
  • Analyze patient responses with the help of customizable decision support tools that flag patient responses outside of prescribed limits
  • Take advantage of full support for narrative notes
  • Record live staff conversation in full audio with metadata—perfect for training and audit reviews
  • Quickly record actions using action tab tracking—nature of patient contact, referral suggestions, recommendations, etc.
  • Use summaries for end-customer reporting, billing, and statistical analysis

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