Patient Health Record

Track vital patient data—and more.

An intuitive electronic health record can be the key to success for efficient and effective patient care. HealthCall EHR functions are fully integrated with HealthCall remote care, APR health assessments, encounter management, and automated resupply.

Our Patient Health Record focuses on highly relevant clinical care.

  • Medication tracking with annotated history (complete National Drug Code directory)
  • Document management of most common file types
  • Insurance record with real-time verification
  • Medical history record (Allergies, Barriers to Care, Contraindications, Family History, Primary Diagnosis, etc.)
  • Admission tracking (ICD-10)
  • Patient goal setting and tracking
  • Medical device management
  • Treatment and therapy supply management
  • Care team member listing and network (Care Network)
  • Comprehensive narrative note tagging and filtering

HealthCall integrates easily with major EHR systems enabling the near-realtime exchange of discrete data elements.

At a Glance

HealthCall Patient Health Record

  • Access patient history including diagnosis, family history, allergies, medication, and healthcare utilization
  • Track patient blood pressure, weight, and activity measures
  • Manage patient medication inventory and reconciliation
  • Track blood pressure cuffs, scales, and other medical devices
  • Manage supplies, equipment, and insurance status in real time

Let us show you HealthCall in action.