Who It’s For

Put the power of HealthCall to work for your patients.

HealthCall offers providers a powerful but flexible set of tools to improve care quality, increase patient satisfaction, and succeed in the era of value-based care.

Hospitals and Health Systems

HealthCall helps hospitals and health systems simplify their transitional care programs, improve post-discharge care, and reduce readmissions.

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EMS and Paramedics

EMS providers use HealthCall to help hospitals reduce readmissions—and to strengthen and increase their referral rates. 

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Home Medical Equipment (HME)

HealthCall gives HME providers a critical competitive edge at a time when competition is growing and reimbursements are shrinking.

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Home Health Providers

Forward-thinking home health providers use HealthCall to streamline patient management, de-silo care teams, and monitor and track patient progress from a single system.

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Physicians and Specialists

With the entire caregiver team and the patient unified on one platform, physicians can better monitor patients—and reduce administrative overhead.

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Insurance Providers

HealthCall allows insurance providers to enhance consumer engagement—and in turn, increase consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

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