Home Health Providers

Less isolation. More integration.

Most home health organizations face barriers in the post-discharge care landscape. HealthCall helps remove those barriers, allowing home health providers to successfully integrate their efforts into the ongoing care model.

HealthCall facilitates collaboration between healthcare providers, empowering them to work together to successfully manage patient care. For home health providers, this creates a more cost-effective and personalized way to manage large patient populations.

Streamlined Clinical Management

HealthCall lets your team manage every aspect of patient care—from device readings to health assessments—in one convenient place. It’s an easier, more cost-effective way to achieve clinically superior outcomes.

Time-Saving Tools

HealthCall’s fully integrated patient engagement tools streamline many routine tasks, such as biometric device-based measurements that seamlessly integrate into the platform. This leads to healthier patients, more productive caregivers, and improved outcomes.

Personalized Care Plans

HealthCall’s evidence-based patient care plans can be customized to meet the unique needs of the patient population you serve. Home health organizations that use HealthCall consistently report improved patient engagement and better outcomes.