Home Medical Equipment

Expand your services. Increase revenue.

Whether you’re a traditional HME looking to improve operations or you want to expand your services and establish closer relationships with providers, HealthCall can help.

HealthCall automates patient contact and monitoring, saving you time and resources while helping you provide a higher level of patient care. Its coordination tools help you manage by exception, reduce non-value-added staff activity, and add new service offerings.

Open New Revenue Streams

HealthCall helps ensure you’re well compensated for the services you already provide—and creates opportunities for you to add new sources of revenue. For growth-minded HMEs, HealthCall is a powerful catalyst.

Clinical Management System

HealthCall provides comprehensive care plans that allow you to clinically manage patients, publish patient outcomes that are meaningful to hospitals and health systems, and demonstrate a higher level of clinical value.

Operational Efficiency

Find out how HealthCall makes Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply essential to patients with COPD and the hospitals that treat them.