Hospitals & Health Systems

Reduce readmissions. Increase patient satisfaction. Repeat.

Hospitals and health systems are under mounting pressure to improve patient outcomes and reduce readmissions. HealthCall is designed to help you do exactly that.

HealthCall is a groundbreaking care-coordination platform that connects providers and patients in a uniquely powerful way. It allows hospitals and health systems do more with less, while empowering patients to become responsible stewards of their own healthcare. Multiple white papers and case studies have proven that HealthCall helps health systems reduce readmission rates and length of hospital stays—and, most important, it leads to healthier, happier patients.

Operational Efficiency

HealthCall unites the entire care continuum in one place, allowing for the easy coordination and management of diverse care teams. This way, your highly paid staff spends less time duplicating other providers’ encounters.

Better Patient Outcomes

Hospitals and health systems that use HealthCall see lower 30-day readmission rates and higher patient satisfaction post-discharge. The same is true for hospitals and health systems that partner with third-party providers who use HealthCall.

Cost Savings

With HealthCall, patients have shorter stays and make fewer trips to the ER. You can focus resources more strategically and achieve higher care-quality measures, leading to better compensation.