Insurance Providers

A powerful tool for forward-looking payers.

It’s no longer a winning strategy for insurers to stay behind the scenes. To thrive, payers must add value, engage patients, and actively promote consumer loyalty. HealthCall helps accomplish all three.

Insurance companies can use HealthCall to provide care directly to their customers—typically via a third-party provider. By giving patients critical education, preventative care, and follow-up care, insurers enjoy improved customer satisfaction scores and significant cost-savings.

Closer Customer Relationships

HealthCall empowers insurance companies to take control of their relationships with customers. It allows them to develop a plan of care—and set care standards—while enlisting people within the patients’ own community to deliver the care. The result? Happier, more engaged customers.

Control Costs

Insurance companies can use HealthCall to target the diseases in their service areas that are most expensive to treat, and then deploy caregiver teams to proactively manage people with those conditions. This not only keeps costs down—it also makes customers happier and healthier.

Improved Consumer Loyalty

Insurance companies who employ HealthCall to connect with, educate, and care for their customers enjoy stronger brand loyalty as a result. The use of HealthCall makes patients feel more connected to the company’s benefits, and in turn, its brand. In a world where consumers often regard insurance as a commodity, HealthCall can help you establish a unique position in the marketplace.