Physicians & Specialists

 A win-win for doctors and patients.

Doctors and specialists who work for physician groups and healthcare organizations that employ HealthCall are better positioned to intervene before their patients end up back in the ER.

To put it simply: HealthCall makes life easier for doctors, allowing them to stay involved in directing patients’ care while others handle follow-up and appointment scheduling. And through MyHealthCall, the platform’s patient portal, patients have ready access to important information that keeps them healthy and empowered.


As your patients travel through the care continuum, they encounter numerous caregivers and are provided a wide variety of services. Providers who use HealthCall pass its benefits—such as automated, evidence-based follow-up monitoring and engagement—onto their patients.

Patient Monitoring

Doctors of patients served by HealthCall providers receive regular updates on patient care and outcomes. This means you always know how your patient is doing, when to follow up, and when to intervene. When things are going well, you can rest easy knowing HealthCall is monitoring your patient through the next steps.

Happy Patients

Patients have better outcomes and are happier with their healthcare experience, which means they’re also happier with you.