Patented and Proven in Production for Over 10 Years

Behavioral health powered by patient engagement innovations so unique they are patented.

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Powerful Platforms.
Intuitive Population Management.

HealthCall offers comprehensive solutions built on proven clinical management platforms that have been refined over 10 years of successful patient care and collaboration.

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Empowering Patient-Centric
Care Coordination

HealthCall care coordination platforms enable true coordination between multidisciplinary care teams and ancillary care providers.
The result is a patient-centered network organized around what patients need.

Aligning the Entire Continuum of Care


Health Systems




Physician Groups


Home Health


Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


Home Medical Equipment (HME)




Specialty Clinics


H2H Service Providers

Here are just a few of the many reasons why leading healthcare providers choose HealthCall.

  • Patented Patient Engagement

  • Proven Clinical Outcomes

  • Reduced Hospital Readmissions

  • Intuitive Process Management

  • Empowered Care Coordination

  • American Heart Association Plans

  • Effective Care Transitions

  • Population Health Management

  • World-Class Customer Service

  • Certified Clinical Educators

  • Reliable Staff Management Tools

  • Effective Wellness Programs

  • Automated Clinical Documentation

  • Easy-to-Use Platform

  • Rapid Implementation

  • Improved Operational Efficiency

  • Quality Benchmark Reports

  • Care Specialist Training

  • Secure Cloud-Based Platforms

  • Cross-Continuum Coordination

  • Growing National Network

  • Patient-Centric Care Plans

  • Award-Winning Results

  • Consistent Execution

  • Positive Return on Investment

  • Maximize Current Investments

  • Flexible Patient Care

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HealthCall 30-Day All-Cause Readmission Rates

Outcomes Proven in the
Real World Every Day.

HealthCall is the first to provide a sustainable solution proven across multiple providers in multiple organizations nationwide to consistently demonstrate a significant reduction in readmissions in a large cross section of patients.

In an analysis of 1,920 patients within a readmission reduction program based upon HealthCall’s PersonalTouch™ solution, 296 were readmitted within 30 days, resulting in a readmission rate of 15.42% and a 21.4% reduction compared to the national average of 19.6% (Figure 1).  These are real world patients with multiple conditions and comorbidities.  Unlike control studies, there were no exclusion criteria.

Care plans: Customized for you. Individualized for patients.

HealthCall offers a comprehensive suite of care plans, each serving as a guide to following evidence-based care in the management of a health condition for both the health care team and the patient. HealthCall care plans are designed to be engaging, promote self- management and healthy living.

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