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Advancing Care Delivery

Connect Seamlessly.
Document Freely.
Advance Outcomes.

We develop care delivery solutions that are trusted nationwide by care professionals and first responders to provide superior care in the most challenging environments in homes, streets, prisons, shelters, and even 300 miles offshore.

Our highly acclaimed HealthCall Care Delivery Platform integrates a true longitudinal EHR (electronic health record) and an extensive suite of care coordination and patient engagement services.

HealthCall care delivery solutions make connected care possible with more timely and relevant health information between care professionals and patients.

Deliver the Best Care. Connect Your Community.

Our fully integrated cloud-based care delivery platform puts patients at the center of the care model, streamlines administration, and increases efficiency, providing exceptional care for more people in less time.
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Care Coordination

  • Care Network
  • Task Collaboration
  • Call Center Tools
  • Care Plans
  • Task Manager
  • Telehealth Video
  • Decision Support Tools
  • Workflow Management

Electronic Health Record

  • SMART Charts
  • Clinical Status
  • Medication Record
  • History ICD10
  • Robust Notes
  • Document Management
  • Goals Tracking
  • Patient Portal

Patient Engagement

  • APR Assessments
  • Remote Patient Monitoring RPM
  • Health Literacy
  • Live Transfer
  • Universal Device Support
  • Telehealth Video
  • Patient Portal

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Workflow Automation

  • ANSWERS® Wellness Programs*
  • Behavioral Health*
  • Breathe Easy*
  • Diabetic
  • Heart Health*
  • High Utilizer Group* (HUG), High Risk Care (HRC)
  • Joint Replacement:
  • Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV)*
  • PAP therapy, certification, resupply
  • Pregnancy Program, High Risk
  • Resupply*

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Care Delivery Solutions

Unlike other platforms that serve one purpose, HealthCall clients utilize multiple solutions and take advantage of all the tools, features and enhancements available in HealthCall.

HealthCall Community Paramedicine Mobile Integrated Health Paramedics

Community Paramedicine & Mobile Integrated Health

Community Care Network, SMART Charts, and a suite of capabilities work together to empower multidisciplinary teams…
HealthCall Chronic Care Management interactive check

Chronic Care Management

Care coordination, patient engagement, and clinical management tools work together to reduce readmission rates, shorten the length of stay…
HealthCall Remote Patient Monitoring - Telehealth

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patented remote patient monitoring works with and without devices ensuring higher quality outcomes for larger populations at a lower cost
HealthCall Mental Health - hold hands

Mental Health

Tailored care and eliminating barriers to outpatient resources lower unnecessary 911 call volume and reduce recidivism.
HealthCall Virtual Care Telehealth

Virtual Care Telehealth

Easily link multidisciplinary care teams with patients and caregivers with secure video
Healthcall Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care

From complex care to compliance and resupply: comprehensive clinical documentation and patient engagement ensure better care
HealthCall Hospital At Home HAH

Hospital at Home

Paramedics bridge the gap between patients and providers, freeing hospital resources and preventing overutilization of ED services
HealthCall Occupational Health

Occupational Health

Customized medical record, real-time employer reports and telemedicine advanced care on scene to mitigate hospital visits and avoid worker’s comp claims

Our Clients

Combined Shape
EMS Departments
Fire Departments
Homeless Shelters
HME/DME Providers
Mental Health Facilities
State and Federal Agencies
Correctional Facilities
Hospital & Clinics
Police Departments