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The #1 Care Delivery Platform™

Connect Seamlessly.
Document Freely.
Advance Outcomes.

HealthCall provides the #1 care delivery platform proven in the most challenging environments, in our homes, streets, prisons, and shelters. Advanced process automation with integrated EHR, care coordination and patient engagement fosters collaboration, eases administrative burdens and increases efficiency to enable better care for more people in less time.

Fully Integrated Cloud-Based Care Delivery Platform

The most trusted platform for delivering patient care beyond the walls of the ER and doctor’s office—backed by years of experience and a highly flexible architecture with superior workflow automation.
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Care Coordination

  • Care Network
  • Task Collaboration
  • Call Center Tools
  • Care Plans
  • Task Manager
  • Telehealth Video
  • Decision Support Tools
  • Workflow Management

Electronic Health Record

  • SMART Charts
  • Clinical Status
  • Medication Record
  • History ICD10
  • Robust Notes
  • Document Management
  • Goals Tracking
  • Patient Portal

Patient Engagement

  • APR Assessments
  • Remote Patient Monitoring RPM
  • Health Literacy
  • Live Transfer
  • Universal Device Support
  • Telehealth Video
  • Patient Portal

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Workflow Automation

  • ANSWERS® Wellness Programs*
  • Behavioral Health*
  • Breathe Easy*
  • Diabetic
  • Heart Health*
  • High Utilizer Group* (HUG), High Risk Care (HRC)
  • Joint Replacement:
  • Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV)*
  • PAP therapy, certification, resupply
  • Pregnancy Program, High Risk
  • Resupply*

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Care Delivery Solutions

Unlike other platforms that serve one purpose, HealthCall clients utilize multiple solutions and take advantage of all the tools, features and enhancements available in HealthCall.

HealthCall Community Paramedicine Mobile Integrated Health Paramedics

Community Paramedicine & Mobile Integrated Health

Community Care Network, SMART Charts, and a suite of capabilities work together to empower multidisciplinary teams…
HealthCall Chronic Care Management interactive check

Chronic Care Management

Care coordination, patient engagement, and clinical management tools work together to reduce readmission rates, shorten the length of stay…
HealthCall Remote Patient Monitoring - Telehealth

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patented remote patient monitoring works with and without devices ensuring higher quality outcomes for larger populations at a lower cost
HealthCall Mental Health - hold hands

Mental Health

Tailored care and eliminating barriers to outpatient resources lower unnecessary 911 call volume and reduce recidivism.
HealthCall Virtual Care Telehealth

Virtual Care Telehealth

Easily link multidisciplinary care teams with patients and caregivers with secure video
Healthcall Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care

From complex care to compliance and resupply: comprehensive clinical documentation and patient engagement ensure better care
HealthCall Hospital At Home HAH

Hospital at Home

Paramedics bridge the gap between patients and providers, freeing hospital resources and preventing overutilization of ED services
HealthCall Occupational Health

Occupational Health

Customized medical record, real-time employer reports and telemedicine advanced care on scene to mitigate hospital visits and avoid worker’s comp claims

Our Clients

Combined Shape
EMS Departments
Fire Departments
Homeless Shelters
HME/DME Providers
Mental Health Facilities
State and Federal Agencies
Correctional Facilities
Hospital & Clinics
Police Departments

The Best Care. Only on HealthCall.

Only on HealthCall can clients use leading innovations, patented systems and methods, proprietary capabilities, and robust features all in one platform. Interact below to see the core building blocks that make our platform unique to the marketplace.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Proactive Patient Care

Free from costly proprietary devices; HealthCall captures biometrics from a variety of devices, including blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, activity wrist bands, and pulse oximeters.

Readings are displayed and graphed along
with patient-reported outcome measures.
Biometrics device manufacturers can now
build near real time integrations via the
HealthCall Device API.

Secure Telehealth Video

Fully Integrated, No App, Easy Billing

Designed for virtual care and Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3) initiatives. HealthCall video service provides secure, quality live streaming for up to 4 people.

Easily launch video directly within the HealthCall platform to invite patients, care providers, and others. Recipients simply click on the secure link to join the video conference. No apps to install, no registration and no licensing make HealthCall video easy, secure, and highly scalable.

Fully integrated video streamlines and automates documentation and billing. Participants, time, duration, encounter notes, and assessment data can be automatically exported for billing.

Proven Care Plans

Better Outcomes Faster

Drawing on HealthCall-based studies and the successful implementation of hundreds of programs, HealthCall offers a comprehensive suite of Care Programs, each serving as a guide to following best practices in the care and management of specific health conditions.

HealthCall Care Programs engage patients, promote self-management and healthy living, and facilitate increased collaboration on behalf of the care team and providers.

These highly customizable Care Programs enable rapid deployment with greater financial and clinical success.

SMART Charts

Unprecedented Flexibility

HealthCall SMART Charts – Sets of Multidisciplinary Assessments at the Right Time provide the fastest way to accurately document patient care in one system.

Quickly document both incident and scheduled care within the same longitudinal patient chart.

Easily add standard and custom assessments to any encounter as needed.

Flexible Patient Engagement

Proactive Patient Care

The patented HealthCall-APR™ (Automated Patient Response) system automates routine patient interactions while educating and encouraging patients toward healthier self-care.

This automated risk-based monitoring system acts as an extension of the care team engaging patients via phone, web, text, or email in proactively tracking key signs and symptoms.

These insights provided by the HealthCall-APR™ help care team members make changes in patient care sooner which reduces the risk of more serious complications while significantly reducing the utilization of healthcare resources.

By enabling a process of management-by-exception, this proactive care model provides a high level of patient touch while reducing the impact on care teams.

Community Care Network

Scaleable Collaboration

Easily connect social services, community services, physicians, homeless shelters, EMS, corrections facilities, and law enforcement within a secure, HIPAA-compliant care coordination network.

Grant access to in-network and out-of-network providers who are involved in the direct care of patients.

A simple invitation within HealthCall begins the quick verification process of adding new care team providers. Users select which patients and content to share.