Nine Days to Patient Documentation and Collaboration from Launch

Rapid Launch of New Software Platform Enables New CP Program for High-Risk Heart Failure and COPD Patients

HealthCall is now working with the Volunteer Medical Service Corps of Lansdale (VMSC), helping them reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes by following up with patients recently discharged from the hospital.
HealthCall’s patient-centric framework accepts referrals and eliminates duplicate patient records, its goal-tracking Jefferson and VSMC Article Screenshottools help manage patients’ social determinants of health, and its call center support suite identifies patients needing a call, provides their contact information, and makes it easy to collect assessments and leave notes.

This library of patient management tools has allowed VMSC to get up and running quickly, with their first referral entered just nine days after their initial planning meeting with HealthCall.

Read the full press release: Hospital aims to save the state millions while improving patient outcomes with Community Paramedicine.

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