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MIH On-Location Modules Powered by HealthCall

Highly versatile Mobile Integrated Health On-Location Modules™ (MIHOLM™) address the ever-growing need for accessible & immediate on-location facilities for healthcare and disaster preparedness situations supporting a range of purposes.

Care Delivery When and Where it’s Needed

Traditional care delivery methods are unsustainable for communities struggling with homelessness, mental health, immigration, and limited hospital capacity.

These Mobile Integrated Health On-Location Modules™ (MI-HOLM™, pronounced: ‘mī-hōlm) give Community Paramedicine and Mobile Integrated Health programs a purpose-built physical presence to treat and triage properly.

MIH Modules are fully equipped with secure telehealth, remote patient monitoring (RPM), flexible electronic health record (EHR) with SMART Charts, and a connected Care Network, all powered by HealthCall.


Deploys in Under 10 Minutes by One Person

Ensuring Care Delivery During Disasters

These affordable solutions can serve multiple purposes for unforeseen risk and capacity needs at any given time. They are stored on location, stocked, locked, and monitored, ready for immediate use when disasters hit.  

“Our cities are in great need to have accessible units of healthcare & capacity response no matter the situation. Rather than reacting we are investing in being prepared when action is needed.”

Scott Tarwater

Managing Partner, Pivot Technologies

Configured for disaster preparedness and mass casualty incidents from natural and man-made events, these purpose-built MIH modules provide additional support to community leaders, local government, police, emergency medical services (EMS), fire departments, schools, and healthcare providers.

Each MIHOLM weighs approximately 1,100 pounds & stows under 2 feet, is engineered to withstand Cat 5 hurricanes, is fire-rated, waterproof, and is fully monitored 24/7 for tamper and temperature. Active Integrity checking ensures the proper function of major systems. (wiring, HVAC, communications, etc.).

MIHOLM enables a new paradigm in disaster preparedness, providing immediate, responsive, connected care in times of duress.

Scalable Population Health with a Personal Touch

Large urban cities, rural areas, remote towns, and seasonal communities each have unique healthcare challenges and medical needs that create barriers to providing population health.

MIH Modules staffed with licensed paramedics provide a personal physical presence to treat and triage individuals appropriately.  Paramedics connect with physicians and nurse practitioners in real-time via secure telehealth and shared electronic health records (EHR) over the encrypted HealthCall Care Network.

Rugged Design & Versatile Funding

Cutting Edge Design

Smart systems with military-grade and eco-friendly design, featuring redundant communications and power supply.

Federal & State Secured Funding Available

Federal and State funding is available, talk to one of our representatives or partners.

Leasing as Low at $3500/mo

Multiple lending partners & funding sources are provided via our exclusive network.

Robust Features


Military-grade, engineered to withstand Cat 5 hurricane, Ballistic Design


Fire-rated and waterproof


1,100 pounds and stows under 2 feet in less than 15 minutes 


HVAC, UVC 220n, HEPA, 2D, 30a GenPac


Redundant, secure access, Remote Access via StarLink, Multi-Service Bonded Cellular, and WiFi


Electronic Health Record (EHR), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), SMART Charts powered by HealthCall


24/7 Monitoring for tamper, temperature, location, and supplies


Active Integrity checking ensures all major systems are functional when needed


Connected globally, advanced Telehealth & EHR connected in realtime powered by HealthCall

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