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Workflow Automation/ Proven Care Plans

Using Best Practices and Evidence-based Medicine

HealthCall Programs enable clinical and administrative process automation that delivers consistent high-quality outcomes with greater financial efficacy. From critical care to chronic care management to large scale population health, HealthCall Programs enable highly scalable care management with individualized care.

Using best practices and evidence-based medicine, HealthCall Programs guide who should do what, when, and with whom. In addition, patented technologies engage patients, promote self-management and healthy living, and facilitate increased collaboration on behalf of the care team and providers.

HealthCall Programs are fully integrated within the HealthCall clinical management platform to work seamlessly with the HealthCall Automated Patient Response™ system, HealthCall-EHR, and HealthCall SMART Charts.

HealthCall Programs are proven to consistently reduce readmission rates, shorten the length of stay, improve adherence, and increase patient satisfaction. In short, HealthCall programs enable care professionals to help significantly more people in less time while providing better care.

HealthCall Programs

Drawing on HealthCall-based studies and the successful implementation of hundreds of programs over 19 years, HealthCall Implementation Specialists work with the Client’s clinical team to map processes and design workflows. These workflows are then modeled within HealthCall Program(s) to include related data elements, assessments, tasks, groups, prompters, etc.

Clients have the option of utilizing their own care plans or starting with a HealthCall Program as a framework for customizing their own care program. All elements of HealthCall Programs are highly flexible and can consist of in-home encounters, phone and video telehealth encounters, as well as automated health assessments.

Once in production, care specialists and providers have the option to quickly and easily individualized HealthCall Programs to meet unique patient needs. For example, providers can add assessment questions, add baseline measures, adjust decision support tools, change outreach schedules, and set communication preferences.

Preconfigured, Customizable Ready-to-use Programs


ANSWERS® Wellness Programs*

Behavioral Health*: Addiction, substance abuse
Breathe Easy*: COPD, Pneumonia
Community Outreach, wellness
Diabetic: A1C, Homecare
Heart Health*: HF, CHF, Heart Attack/AMI
High Utilizer Group* (HUG), High Risk Care (HRC)
Joint Replacement: Post Surgical hip/ knee replacement
Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV)*
PAP therapy, certification, resupply

Pregnancy Program, High-Risk

Resupply*: PAP, enteral, oxygen, urological, incontinence, etc.

* Denotes a series or multiple variations

Automated Patient Response™ (APR™)

HealthCall patented Automated Patient Response™ (APR™) system is used by healthcare professionals to engage patients and enable the communication of more timely and relevant health information between healthcare professionals and patients.

The improved process automation and patient-centric approach consistently result in increased patient engagement, healthier self-care behaviors, and higher quality outcomes.