Overlapping Communities Unite CP-MIH Programs

How multiple fire departments are working together to provide Community Paramedicine within their overlapping communities

This March, Lake County Illinois will see the launch of an innovative Community Paramedicine – Mobile Integrated Health (CP-MIH) program that has been years in the making. Championed by Lt. Erik Christensen of the Wauconda Fire Protection District, the program will proactively address the needs of vulnerable populations with chronic conditions, improving community health while lessening the strain on the healthcare system. However, unlike many such programs, this will be a collaborative effort between multiple fire department partners throughout Lake County – including Libertyville Fire Department, First Fire Protection District of Antioch, Countryside Fire Protection District, and Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District.

Managing such a collaboration is a tall order, and the Wauconda Fire Protection District conducted a thorough search for a healthcare platform to support them. After evaluating eight solutions, they ultimately chose HealthCall to give them the tools they need to assess and document patient health, communicate with integrated telehealth, and coordinate care securely between different fire department partners. While each partner will have their own patient population, the group expects that many patients will need help from multiple partners – and in those cases, HealthCall’s longitudinal patient record-keeping allows each team that works with the patient to see assessments and notes from previous encounters, an essential tool for identifying underlying conditions and providing a continuity of care.

With over a decade of experience, HealthCall has a full suite of tools to support CP-MIH programs of all sizes,Wauconda Daily Herald Icon from two-person operations to county-spanning partnerships. In addition to providing a comprehensive, longitudinal patient record, HealthCall also features a library of SMART Chart assessments that enhance existing CP-MIH evaluation tools, such as the STEADI Fall Risk evaluation, with automatic scoring and decision-support tools. HealthCall users also have access to the HealthCall Care Network, allowing them to manage the community care organizations who work with their patients to track quality metrics and enable detailed reporting.

The Wauconda Fire Protection District and their partners are set to make a big impact with their CP-MIH program, and HealthCall is excited to support them as they support the health and wellness of their communities.

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