Turnkey Community Paramedicine Solution

The world of healthcare is evolving.  EMS providers nationwide are supporting their community by collaborating with local healthcare providers to provide community paramedicine services as part of a mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) initiative. By assisting patients’ care transitions to the home, engaging in the management of a chronic illness, and helping patients reach their provider during business hours, EMS providers are creating a continuity of care like never before. MIH practices support hospitals and physicians efforts to reduce hospital readmissions, avoid over utilization of emergency departments, and improve the overall health and wellbeing of patients throughout the community.

HealthCall-EMS™ is the leading solution empowering diversified EMS deployment models within both Community Paramedicine and Mobile Integrated Healthcare. HealthCall-EMS ensures a continuity of care by providing the first Mobile Integrated Healthcare platform supporting a robust care coordination network that connects patients, providers, and paramedics.

With HealthCall-EMS, meet the demands of community paramedicine.

  • Engage with patients throughout the community
  • Maximize efficiency of current healthcare infrastructure
  • Collaborate with healthcare providers to provide continuity
  • Reduce unnecessary burden on emergency departments
  • Improve overall patient experience and wellbeing for large populations


  • Proven Care Coordination Platform
  • Extensive Patient-Centric Care Plans
  • Flexible Medical Records/ Charting
  • Branded Care Coordination Network
  • Patented Automated Health Assessments
  • Configurable Encounter Management Tools
  • Technical Support and Clinical Training


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Turnkey Community Paramedicine Solution

HealthCall-EMS™ Empowers Diversified EMS Deployment Models

HealthCall is the first to provide full turnkey solutions designed specifically for EMS providers. As healthcare evolves and the need for Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine increases, HealthCall-EMS empowers paramedics with flexible tools to meet those needs.


Provide Patient-Centric Care

With HealthCall-EMS each patient’s schedule, assessments, and follow-up can be quickly individualized to match their unique needs and maximize their quality of care.

Improve Health Literacy

HealthCall-EMS incorporates optional Connected Heart Health patient education materials to promote heart health. American Heart Association is the recognized and trusted source of information to encourage patients to take charge of their own health.

Connected Heart Health

Access Clinical Documentation

HealthCall-EMS Medical Record serves as the central repository for planning patient care and documenting communication among patients, paramedics and care professionals. Along with flexible tracking and reporting of clinical outcomes, HealthCall-EMS provides convenient access to clinical documentation. Upload standardized documentation, forms, and custom files for each patient within the integrated document management repository. HealthCall-EMS Medical Record is highly customizable to support the changing professional and government regulatory requirements.

Ensure Consistent Quality

HealthCall-EMS provides workflow management tools to help ensure that patient management protocols and algorithms are consistently followed across various EMS deployment models. These tools also help new staff members quickly acclimate to caring for different populations.

Engage Providers

Quickly grow your program with HealthCall Insight™. Share real-time status, notes, and reports with referring providers via an online, HIPAA compliant portal branded with your logo. HealthCall Insight™ inspires trust by enabling a higher level of care coordination and transparency.

Manage Larger Populations

HealthCall-EMS reduces non-value-added activities by enabling a process of management-by-exception across multiple populations. Care team members can focus efforts on the patients with greatest need while increasing staff efficiency.

Comprehensive Turnkey Solution

HealthCall-EMS™ Solution Suite

HealthCall-EMS is part of a comprehensive turnkey offering that helps ensure a rapid ramp-up and successful community paramedicine practice.  Available products and services include:

Community Paramedicine Platform

Clinical Implementation Specialists assist in configuring the HealthCall-EMS platform to meet the unique needs of each community paramedicine practice.

Care Specialist Training

This training series is led by board certified clinical educators who share proven techniques for coaching chronically ill patients within the complex dynamics of home-based care.  Learn to quickly establish rapport, promote self-care and improve outcomes.


Staff Technical Training

Hands-on technical training is provided in conjunction with the care specialist training. Additional technical support is available via the HealthCall toll-free support center and email.

Patient Education

Branded patient education materials are utilized with the program to ensure continuity and improve health literacy while reinforcing key disciplines.

Care Plan Creation

Clinical Implementation Specialists work with the your team to formalize current clinical processes and workflows while ensuring that key disciplines are met. These Care Plans serve as a guide to patients and paramedics to following best practices.

Proven Care Collaboration Solutions

Care Plans Promote the Use and Mastery of Best Practices

PersonalTouch™ Workflow Management Tools

Formalized clinical processes are important in healthcare and critical in EMS. PersonalTouch robust workflow management tools help ensure a trackable, repeatable process, and predictable outcomes.

Readmission GraphFlexible care plans, algorithms, and protocols promote the use and mastery of best practices. These serve as a guide to both the health care team and to the patients.

Operating on the HealthCall-EMS™ platform, PersonalTouch™ workflow and task management tools include, check lists, dialog prompters, assessment questionnaires, decision support tools, charting, and logging.

Using PersonalTouch™ care plans, HealthCall clients consistently outperform the national benchmarks on readmission and adherence.  In an analysis of 1,920 patients within post-acute transitional care programs powered by HealthCall, 296 were readmitted within 30 days, resulting in a readmission rate of 15.42% and a 21.4% reduction compared to the national average of 19.6% (Figure 1). Patients had multiple comorbidities. Unlike control studies, there were no exclusion criteria.


  • Treat and Release On-Scene
  • Alternative Destination Transport
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Population Health
  • Readmission Avoidance
  • Transitional care
  • Heart Failure
  • Heart Attack
  • Pneumonia
  • COPD
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Many More…

HealthCall Insight™

Build a growing care coordination network.  Give healthcare providers HIPAA-compliant secure access to their patients via the branded HealthCall Insight™ portal.  Share real-time status, notes, and reports.  Coordinate patient care with providers in the community to develop a continuity of care across the continuum. This flexible, team-based approach provides transparency, fosters accountability, and instills trust.




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HealthCall-EMS™ turnkey community paramedicine solution.

Patient-centered care plans and a care collaboration platform empower community paramedicine.

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