Intelligent Patient Engagement

The application of patient-center care is often referred to as patient engagement.  However “patient engagement” can carry different meanings and convey various connotations as it is applied throughout healthcare. Similarly, HealthCall patient engagement solutions are applied differently in population health management versus hospital-to-home readmission reduction programs.

HealthCall is the first provider of patented Automated Patient Response™ (APR™) solutions. Healthcare professionals throughout the US healthcare system use HealthCall APR solutions to enable the communication of more timely and relevant health information between healthcare professionals and patients.

HealthCall incorporates APR solutions and other innovations to achieve a higher level of patient engagement.

HealthCall-APR™ Solutions

  • Reinforce Health Literacy
  • Encourage Healthier Behaviors
  • Promote Adherence
  • Monitor Signs and Symptoms
  • Alert and Notify

Ensuring Patient Engagement

HealthCall provides extensive encounter management tools to help formalize patient engagement processes. Encounter check lists, interactive prompts and decision support tools guide providers, care specialist, and large care coordination teams during in-person and telephone encounters.  Working within the HealthCall platform promotes the use and mastery of best practices in patient engagement.

Assessing Patient Engagement

Along with measuring patient engagement within the four domains of beliefs, awareness, skills, and commitment, HealthCall is able to provide additional insights by correlating satisfaction scores, appointment history, and frequency of participation. Assessing the degree to which a patient is engaged in their own care can act as lead measures towards predicting better outcomes.  Objective patient engagement measures can also help in more accurately assessing provider performance.

Automating Patient Engagement

Acting as an extension of your care team, sophisticated HealthCall APR™ technology automates routine interactions and complex workflows between patients, providers, and payers. HealthCall solutions incorporate multiple outreach modalities including voice, text messaging, email, web, smart phone access, and physical letters (delivered via the United States Postal Service). The patented architecture provides scheduling, decision support tools, authentication, access encryption, standardized documentation, audit trails, and reporting.

Automating clinical and administrative processes helps improve efficiency by eliminating non-value-added activities and enabling management-by-exception.  Allowing staff to focus on high-value interactions, HealthCall APR solutions have shown to materially impact the financial health of organizations by increasing revenues and reducing costs.

The improved clinical management and patient-centric approach results in increased patient engagement, healthier self-care behaviors, and higher quality outcomes.