Community Care Network:

Feature Spotlight

With the rise of Community Paramedicine and Mobile Integrated Health (CP-MIH) initiatives, healthcare workers are paying more attention to the underlying issues behind the acute symptoms of emergency incidents, including substance misuse, mental health problems, and age-related challenges like an increased risk of falling. Delivering proactive care often requires a wide network of varied organizations to bring patients the help they need. With 20 years of experience advancing care delivery into the home and on scene, HealthCall is here to help you communicate and collaborate clearly and securely.

The HealthCall Care Network provides an easily searchable index of the organizations and individuals you work with, complete with address and contact information. When a member of your Care Network assists a patient, you can add them to the patient’s Care Team, so that anyone reviewing the patient’s case can see everyone the patient has worked with. Moreover, the Care Network allows you to securely share patient data with Care Team members and request their help with tasks and assessments, allowing for clear communication and more appropriate care – all while protecting the patient’s privacy.

HealthCall recently enhanced the Care Network with new capabilities, so we’d like to highlight some of the great ways it can support your program:

Customized, Standardized Feedback

As CP-MIH teams search for the best ways to quantify a program’s success, it’s essential to get reliable, standardized feedback from your partners. When coordinating care with a Care Network member, you can attach a standard set of feedback questions for them to fill out; e.g., “Did the patient enroll?”, “When is the patient’s start date?”, and “Who is the patient’s peer support person?” You can work with HealthCall to customize these feedback questions, even creating different assessments for different scenarios, ensuring you collect all the data you need – and you can aggregate and analyze that data using HealthCall’s reporting tools.

Integrated Referrals

For CP-MIH programs that receive physician referrals, HealthCall’s API can integrate with the provider’s electronic health record (EHR) software to provide quick and reliable onboarding. When the provider refers a patient to your team – for example, to request a heart risk evaluation – the patient’s info, along with any relevant assessments, will automatically appear in HealthCall. Your team will see the referral as an event on your HealthCall Calendar, which provides an easy way to review the patient’s info, manage the time and location of the visit, and complete the assessments. By connecting providers, paramedics and patients, impressive outcomes can be achieved. For instance, one client has prevented ER visits 97% of the time after referrals from physicians in a Medicare at-risk provider group.

Expanded Privacy Customization

Patient privacy is paramount, and HealthCall helps you abide by HIPAA regulations as you collaborate with your partner organizations. Working with members of your Care Network, you can customize the level of access they have to your patients’ information, whether that’s a few medications or an entire record of care. You can also control their ability to alter a patient’s records, such as whether a Care Network member can add additional assessments while filling out an assessment on your behalf. We’re continuously expanding the Care Network with new abilities and controls, so look forward to more in the future!

If you’d like to know more about how HealthCall supports CP-MIH programs, you can listen to our interview with the director of the MIH program at Mehlville Fire Protection District in (this episode of the HealthCall Spotlight), or check out our three-part series about how CP-MIH programs are combatting the opioid epidemic. To learn how HealthCall can support your program, please contact us at, 219-476-3459.