Acadian Health and HealthCall partner on New SDOH solution for MIH

Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Acadian Health, in Partnership with HealthCall, Introduces New Goal Tracking and Referral Management Solution to Advance Community Paramedicine and Mobile Integrated Health

Lafayette, LA, August 14, 2023 — Acadian Health, a leader in providing comprehensive in-home care and HealthCall, the #1 Care Delivery Platform, are delighted to announce the launch of an innovative solution to enhance community paramedicine and mobile integrated health (CP-MIH). This newly integrated goal tracking and referral management functionality within HealthCall aims to close the loop on patient referrals, documenting care, and measuring outcomes.

“Our new module leverages SMART Charts and SMART Goals to track the progress of individual goals, ensuring that patients referred to Acadian Health receive the timely and patient-centered care they require,” explained Daniel Hayes, President and CEO of HealthCall. “This is of paramount importance to their referral partners who, like all of us, value quality, safety, and transparent communication.”

“We believe that delivering exceptional care involves constant improvement and adaptation,” says Christopher Heller, Operations Supervisor at Acadian Health. “Our alignment with the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) means we are relentlessly committed to improving the patient experience. This expanded partnership with HealthCall enables us to ensure that individuals are not just recipients of care, but active participants in their health journey.”

The new functionality focuses on holistic care, incorporating a trauma-informed approach, assessing social determinants of health (SDOH), and facilitating goal setting and action plans to mitigate negative determinants. This new module enables clear and open collaboration among care team members, fostering seamless handoffs and ensuring that each patient’s unique needs are met.

Furthermore, HealthCall’s robust care coordination and referral management processes help address an industry-wide problem: providing assurance to third parties, such as payers and insurance companies, that the patients they refer to EMS-led MIH programs are receiving the care they need. 

The new module provides a comprehensive solution, enabling contracted partners to follow up with individuals who have visited the ER or have been discharged from the hospital. From managing chronic diseases to coordinating complex medical care, rehousing individuals, scheduling mental health services, and connecting community resources: the HealthCall Goal tracking module ensures comprehensive care from start to finish.

The collaboration between Acadian Health and HealthCall aims to continue developing broad functionalities to support CP-MIH programs, paving the way for a new era of patient-centric, quality-focused healthcare.

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Sara Bruner
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