Starting a community paramedicine program?

Overwhelmed? Don’t be.

Accomplished MIH paramedic and experienced EMS chief share their insights and tips

Today on The HealthCall Spotlight, we interview Jennifer Rieker and Todd Besancenez about the Mehlville Fire Protection District’s community paramedicine program. We discuss how the program has grown over the years, the positive feedback it has received from both patients and payers, and what tips the team at Mehlville has learned over the years, which can now be shared with new community paramedicine programs.

Jennifer Rieker is the Director of Mobile Integrated Health at Mehlville Fire Protection District. Todd Besancenez is Assistant EMS Chief, also with Mehlville Fire. The program has operated since 2018, and in 2023, they began tracking referrals and follow-up encounters in HealthCall.

HealthCall’s patient-centric record-keeping system allows incidents and referrals to be imported and viewed within a single patient record. Mehlville also schedules and tracks followup encounters within HealthCall, using HealthCall’s library of SMART Charts: tools that enhance proven assessments (such as the STEADI Fall Risk assessment) with automated scoring and decision support tools.

For more information about how HealthCall can help your community paramedicine program, please contact us at, 219-476-3459.