Sustainable Solution Demonstrates Significant Readmission Reductions Across Multiple Entities Nationwide

A key strategy in the Patent Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is prevention of avoidable readmissions to the hospital in the Medicare population. In this vulnerable population, consisting of the elderly and disabled, 20% are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge, at a cost of $17.4 billion[1]. With the increasing pressure to simultaneously improve care and reduce the overall cost of care, there is increasing need for better care coordination. Specifically, patents who are high risk for readmissions and poor health outcomes need to improve their transition from the inpatient hospital setting to the home. The majority of healthcare providers continue to be unprepared for the increasing emphasis on transitonal care[2]. The national goal of a 20% reduction in readmissions is aspirational because there has been no sustainable model for achieving this in all but the very highest risk groups[3] — until now. HealthCall is the first to provide a sustainable solution proven across multiple providers in multiple organizations nationwide to consistently demonstrate a significant reduction in readmissions in a large cross section of patients.

Readmission rates:

In an analysis of 1,920 patients within a readmission reduction program based upon HealthCall’s PersonalTouchTM solution, 296 were readmitted within 30 days, resulting in a readmission rate of 15.42% and a 21.4% reduction compared to the
national average of 19.6% (Figure 1). These are

real world patients with multiple conditions and comorbidities. Unlike control studies, there were no exclusion criteria.

PersonalTouchTM is an administrative and clinical care coordination system designed for use directly by hospitals, home health agencies, post-acute care providers, and specially trained paramedics (EMS).

Patients are assigned to a care plan within the system based upon their primary diagnosis, such as a respiratory or heart health program. Once assigned, a care specialist can individualize the care plan based upon the patient’s specific needs.

Through a system of education, coaching, and signs and symptoms monitoring, PersonalTouchTM engages patients in the adoption of self-management skills, improves health literacy, and facilitates increased collaboration on behalf of their provider.


By understanding the root causes of readmissions and working within the system, which enables continuum of care partnerships to ensure that objective measures are attained, HealthCall PersonalTouchTM is a vital tool in improving health outcomes and reducing the overall cost of care. HealthCall’s experience and published evidence has resulted in improved health outcomes, better care coordination, improved care effectiveness and population health, better quality, and improved operational efficiency.


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