Struggling with patient follow-up,

outreach, and team coordination?

Mobile Integrated Healthcare

New features help ensure better follow-up within small and large care teams.

Managing and tracking daily tasks can be a challenge for one person and more difficult when you are working as a team. Knowing which patients others have already contacted and who still need help can take much of your valuable time, and missing a patient can have negative consequences. HealthCall has features on the Task Manager to help you organize and coordinate your daily tasks and related patient needs.

Task Tags let you add a label to each task with additional information for future reference to improve efficiency and overall quality of patient follow-up.

Filter Sets help you focus on tasks related to the job at hand. You can also save custom filters for use in the future and share them with your entire organization.

Watch this 3-minute video to see how HealthCall can help you keep your daily tasks organized.

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